What is therapy for? What is Sacred Intimacy?


Knowing the gears: creating coherence between action, mind and Heart.

As I always say, therapy brings us a feeling of saturation, a satiety of an aspect of ourselves, or of our life; the feeling of lack of development or movement. And it is that therapy is a commitment to oneself and to that situation, to examine what is happening to move forward with a new sense of being (sense of identity) broader and more complete, with a feeling of joy, clarity, of vitality.

A kind of serene enthusiasm.

We achieve this by getting closer to our physical sensations, because they put us in contact with our emotions: I call this Sacred Intimacy, because you learn to recognize the gears that build your experience (of well-being / discomfort): sensation, emotion, (feeling), mind, consciousness, non-dual consciousness. By becoming intimate with them, you acknowledge how the wounds in your heart will be interfering in your life until you decide to heal them. It is daring to see how life transforms you, without you really being able to resist. It is learning to trust. It is daring to recognize how you transform the world.

It is about establishing clean, honest contact with yourself. Recognize the direction that we need to take, and see why mind and heart are not in the same direction. It is surely one of the characteristics of the Human Being, but so is its ability to find coherence, joy and Unity.

When you have been practicing this Intimacy for a while, and you have learned to relate in another way with the Painful Love that you have been able to see and attend to, you realize that there are 6 things that are changing:

Your idea of ​​Vulnerability has matured, it has evolved; And it is that while before you had a concept that incorrectly resembled that of a childhood weakness or fragility, now it is simply the source of strength, confidence, ease for change and evolution, it is your ability to recognize each factor in your life as something nutritious and transformative that fuels your growth.

There is no longer that Fear of Change, it is already exciting for you that your sense of identity is growing and enriching itself. There is courage. You accept change with open arms.

Trust also evolves and in two ways at the same time. The Human Being calls trust to what he knows, he can only know what he has lived and when repeating it he feels safe. But that need for security (and repetition) really limits the arrival of novelty, and with it, eliminates the possibility of having different results, different sensations, different emotions and feelings, and a different destination. So it is no longer difficult to accept that life is bigger than you, that it does not want anything bad for you, that there is no boycott against you, but that you can feel that life is taking you by the hand. Suddenly, you realize that you are very comfortable in uncertainty, because it is a great omen.

The concept and feeling of Power also changes, it stops being the ability to force people, processes or results, to be simply confidence in your abilities, the freedom to use them, and confidence.

Compassion, a marvel. We usually use the term lightly, thinking it is "sad", but nothing to do with it. Compassion is the ability you develop to attend to your pain, your fear, so that it does not interfere with other aspects of your life, without making another person responsible, or guilty, or victims. It is a source of freedom and inexhaustible strength.

You develop the ability to accept - and allow - that each sensation, emotion, feeling, thought process ... requires its own time. This is called Kindness, and it is knowing that the heart and reason have different speeds. Be at peace with it and not want to run.

When these 6 factors have changed, they have settled in and there is ease, your life has changed and you are a source of inspiration and evolution; of Love and Freedom, of Simple Joy. You officially begin a new stage of the Camino. You are very far from the original emotional numbness and you are not afraid of yourself.

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