The revolution of “Painful Love”


The strange reorganization that therapy involves

When you have the first experiences of therapy, the feeling of inner revolution / movement can be confusing.

Above all because it is something new and implies recognizing and accepting something that is part of our reality and of which we were not aware.

Often times, we have even been trying hard to avoid facing it.

Something has changed after all this time, now you know that you can embrace it as a nurturing experience.

Maintain an intention to accept this “hurt love” as a guest at home. A guest who has the ability to come and go at will, who tends to stay for long periods of time (although we usually prefer to deny it).

The issue is not … to get it out of the house as soon as possible, but to learn to give it its place, because you know that it brings you something new that will allow you to reach a new level of evolved well-being.

As you learn to attend to this “hurt love” (and you really do), it will stop interfering, influencing, contaminating your relationships, your present and your projects.

If you still did it, because you didn’t know how to do it any other way, just allow it to happen, giving your full attention, in this case you will simply learn something new that is also worthwhile.

Being nice to the guest and being nice to the host, leads you …. to know that it is not a matter of hiding the guest in the basement; or allow him to steal your bed!

When you really learn to look at your “hurt love” as a guest, it loses intensity and you can accept it as a part of yourself that you will continue to attend to, but it no longer dominates you.

Now you know that you are much more than that hurt love.

That balance between the guest and the host, your ability to embrace and attend to that Hurt Love makes joy be recognized as your true home.

A true happiness.

You, with your compassion, with your ability to care for your own pain and fear with kindness, are a thousand times greater than any fear, any pain or confusion. You are present, aware.

Knowing it and feeling it is what makes you serenely joyful, magnificently happy.

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