I am an average human been: I have been lost for a very long time. I did everything I was supposed to, everything I was told to do. I wanted to be happy. To feel Joy. I met the entire list of requirements: I got my degree, I did my masters... I found the great job, with the great earning... And then I realized that I wasn't passionate, I wasn't even happy. I felt lonely and sad. I had no clue about what I could do to be happy. I didn't know my own heart was beating wisdom. I followed the path designed by others who I trusted more than my self.

When you are ready to start a new game, a new learning level, Life brings you a taylored made level. Sometimes a scary one. In my case, this was sickness and a real chance of diying. So when I was ready to accept what was happening, I realized I had to make an honest decision. Only mine. If I decided that I wanted to live, I had to do it for good. I decided to open my self and embrace my fear, to embrace Live.

I decided to recognice such powerful adventure, as a nurturing one, I decided to start developing sensory awareness, to understand fear, love, and pleasure. Emotional Intimacy to understand where am I heading to. I decided to start recognizing how life flows through my body, my desire, my relationships...

Honestly, I wasn't giving me the opportunity to be fully alive. I wasn't aware of the One&Only "thing" that matters, the only Sacred one: I wasn't aware of my Heart, door of Consciousness. So personal process I found Integral Theory, Transpersonal Psychology and Tantra. That experience allowed me to find my vocation: to put knowledge and practices at the service of people that generate that attentive look inward and that supposes a tremendous improvement in the quality of life and enjoyment of people.

This is why today I encourage you to start this process of self-knowledge, with the desire that you can live a life of joy and happiness, that is worthwhile, that you find your way to contribute to the world by adding value and working for something greater than comfort for yourself: a deeper well-being, more authentic, pure and Sacred.


  • Gestalt Therapy training.
  • Integral and Transpersonal Therapy training.
  • Systemic and Family Therapy training.
  • Yoga teacher.
  • Mindfulness consultant.
  • Yoga Nidra Meditation Instructor.


  • T. S. U. Corporate Communications, Event Management and Institutional Relations.
  • Advanced Course in Marketing and Communication.

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